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Stay Consistent and Stay the Course with Your Financial Investments

A Paycheck to Wealth adage is “In the Markets Stay In and You will Win”.  This adage refers to staying invested in growth related financial markets and not trying to time when you invest.  As the title states, consistency and staying the course are your best plans of action to grow your wealth.  This has been confirmed in a recent article by Fidelity Investments®.  The Fidelity study states: See How Much a 401K or IRA grows (If You Don’t Touch It).

Fidelity’s Q1 2024 quarterly analysis of savings behaviors and account balances for more than 45 million IRA, 401(k), and 403(b) retirement accounts is as follows:

According to the latest retirement data from Fidelity Investments® Q1 2024 retirement analysis, record-high contribution levels coupled with positive market conditions pushed average account balances to their highest levels since the fourth quarter of 2021. Long-term savers observed the greatest improvement, which is good news, especially for the more than 4.9 million workers that have been in their 401(k) plan for five years or more. 


Average Retirement Account Balances:

Fidelity stated that it is encouraged to see account balances increase, providing solid proof that retirement savers are remaining invested and continuing to make steady contributions – while seeing the financial benefits as a result. With continued participation across generations and income levels, retirement savers will continue to build better financial futures, which is essential to the financial health of so many Americans and the U.S. economy.

If your personal account balance has not yet reached the levels shown in the table above, don’t worry.  Your financial journey is personal and just for you. If you are consistent and stick to your investment goals, your financial wealth-building will be on the right track.  You too will achieve the financial results that you hope to achieve.

Paycheck to Wealth is here is provide you with the assistance and guidance that you may need.  Not sure which investments to choose or how to setup your automated investments, please contact Paycheck to Wealth to learn more.  We are always here to help.

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